Healthy plates, healthy planet

Our team

We are a collaborative, impact-driven
team brought together by a shared mission

We are curious and creative, diverse and inclusive, hardworking and results-focused. 

Every day, we work together to solve the dual challenge of feeding a growing population while restoring our planet.  

Our Values


Pyramidia was born out of love. Love for our planet, love for our future generations, love for one another. There is no such thing as being too kind. Care for each other and the environment we operate in. Embrace your purpose.


The problems we aim to tackle are daunting. Be bold and break barriers - radical change is needed. Push the envelope - we can always do better. Fail fast, learn quickly, scale up massively. Rise up to your own potential.


The problems we aim to tackle cannot be fixed alone. Cooperate and build bridges. Listen, ask, learn. Deeply engage with local communities. Co-shape global solutions. Inspire followership to initiate a snowball effect for radical positive change. 

Reach out

We are always looking for entrepreneurial talent and for partners who share our values and want to join our mission.

Whether you are interested in working at Pyramidia, join one of our ventures as a co-founder, are looking for an internship, have a radically impactful agrifood business idea, are interested in exploring a partnership, or just want more information, please reach out to us. 

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